So far, we’ve covered the 5 ways of using birch plywood; from boats and planes to modern furniture and interiors. Now we will focus on how birch plywood can be used in domestic decoration and interior design. Ideas ranging from flooring to “hunting trophies” are coming your way below!


Plywood ceiling is a perfect option for older spaces. If stretch-on ceilings do not fit with your interior, plywood ceiling comes in as the perfect alternative. It can be easily installed without the need for any extra finishing. Plywood sheets are highly durably and will not deform under wet or moist conditions, especially if you choose highly water-resistant plywood.

It is especially suitable for those in need of a sustainable and ecological material. The plywood does exceptionally well in interior design if paired with an exposed brick wall or Scandinavian minimalist design based on the Loft style.

The only possible downside to plywood ceiling is that it also lowers the height of the room by approximately 5 cm. And if the plywood has an extra added geometric design the effect on height might be even bigger.


Birch plywood is also the perfect material for flooring – a durable and sustainable alternative to laminated floors. On top of that, plywood can be used to build a platform bed, allowing it to fit seamlessly into the interior design of any room.

However, we do not recommend using plywood for both ceiling and floors as it creates an illusion of the room being smaller than in reality and does not create a comfortable atmosphere. Floor panels can be made from large sheets of plywood or even squared parts, using the wooden surface to create a specific image. Although, when choosing the type and design it is also important to consider the tilt of the floor, the bigger the changes the more need for smaller details. But on the bright side plywood can be installed directly on top of concrete. For a clear finish on a plywood floor usually higher-grade sheets are used at the surface level with a sanded surface side. These need to be made ready in advanced and lacquered upon installation.


The main advantages of a plywood-finish walls are the same as with ceilings and floors; easy installation, lower cost, and ecological sustainability. A great way to increase available space and storage in a room is installing open plywood shelves, which will be uniform in style and color with the plywood wall panels.
Furthermore, this material allows for additional creativity in interior design. Burning out patterns in plywood allows for the creation of different zones in the same room based on the design in the wood itself; divide the kitchen from the dining area, separate the sleeping area from the rest of the room, or even make the living room stand out in a studio apartment. The ability to deform and bend plywood sheets allows for the creation of walls and panels in different forms compared to the classic wall paneling, without affecting the eco loft style of the interior.


Animal heads, letters, key holders – creative ways to use plywood that even kids get taught how to do in schools. Or if you don’t want to get your hands dirty you can just head to the handicraft’s markets, have a look at ETSY and Aliexpress and pick an unusual decorative object made entirely from plywood. We find animal heads made out of a plywood carcass especially fascinating. These creations range from elephants to horses. It adds a little bit of a natural feel to the interior without harming a single animal. Plywood letters can be used to create any type of a sign; from the basic “Harry + Mary = Love” to a person’s life motto. This type of decoration can be acquired in topographical shops, which produces laser cut letters from plywood. Letters can be left plain or painted with a color on top. Some workshops even let you install lights into the letters, which is a great alternative to a bedside lamp or modern, boho-style wall art. The most classical way of using plywood in interior is in little key-holding houses and bookshelves. This type of decoration will look best in rooms designed based on the Provincial style with soft furniture and pattern cloths.